ECO Tuning for American CAT 972M

In the world of construction machinery, there are few names that enjoy as much respect and recognition as Caterpillar, or CAT for short. Their machines are synonymous with robustness and reliability on construction sites worldwide. Thanks to ECO Tuning from Tuningfile24, this CAT of an American customer now runs with more power and less consumption.

ECO TUNING – A step into the future

ECO Tuning is the future of construction machinery optimization. It not only enables a significant reduction in fuel consumption, but also increases the performance of your machine. Our customer chose ECO Tuning for his CAT 972M, and the results are impressive.


The customer of our American dealer has opted for Adblue (DEF), diesel particulate filter (DPF) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) optimization. These key components play a critical role in the environmental friendliness and efficiency of construction equipment. By optimizing these systems, the engine works more efficiently while at the same time increasing performance.

Easy access around the clock

Our online system allows you to access tuning files for your machine at any time. Visit our website at 👉 Superior Chip Tuning Solutions for Every Need | Tuningfile24 US – Tuningfile24 – Chiptuningfiles – ecu tuning👈 Our tuning server is available 24/7.

Questions? We are here to help!

If you would like more information or have any questions about optimizing a construction machine, don’t hesitate to contact us at Our dedicated team is available to help with a tuning project for your CAT 972M.

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