New Holland T9.560

The New Holland T9.560, equipped with a powerful 12.7-liter FPT engine, is back in action with an 18% power increase and an additional 90 horsepower.

The New Holland T9.560, with its Stage 1+ power enhancement, is not only a workhorse but also a symbol of progress and innovation in agriculture. With this machine, you have the opportunity to improve your operational results while saving time and energy.

If you want to make the most out of your New Holland T9.560, considering the Stage 1+ power enhancement is a wise choice. It allows you to fully utilize the power of this tractor and optimize your work in the field. Trust the technology and expertise behind this modification and experience the impressive performance of the T9.560 in action.

Experience the power, efficiency, and innovation of the tractor, and get ready for a successful season in the field!

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