Optimization of a Fendt 718 with the DoHo Flasher

The Fendt 718 is a reliable and powerful tractor widely used in many agricultural operations. However, if you want to further enhance its performance and efficiency, you can achieve this by using the DoHo Flasher.


How to use the DoHo Flasher

To use the DOHO Flasher on a Fendt 718, you need to connect it to the tractor’s OBD-II port to read the current software. Afterward, you upload this software to the DOHO server and receive the optimized software directly via email. Then, you load the optimized software onto the tractor’s control unit using the DOHO Flasher through the OBD-II port. The changes will then be transferred to the engine control unit.

What are the benefits of vehicle optimization

Vehicle optimization with the DOHO Flasher can bring many benefits. With increased engine performance, the tractor can work faster and more efficiently. At the same time, fuel consumption can be reduced, resulting in cost savings.

Vehicle optimization can, therefore, not only improve the performance and efficiency of the tractor but also contribute to a more environmentally friendly operation.


Vehicle optimization with the DOHO Flasher can be a worthwhile investment, especially for agricultural operations looking to make their tractors more efficient and environmentally friendly. With increased engine performance and reduced fuel consumption, businesses can lower their costs while simultaneously boosting their productivity.

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