DoHo Flasher your All in One Chiptuning Tool

  • Get the most out of your vehicle with the DoHo Flasher
  • Do you feel like your vehicle is not reaching its full potential?
  • Is your vehicle’s fuel consumption too high?
  • Do you want to tune your car, truck, motorcycle, agricultural or construction machinery yourself but don’t know how?


We have the solution!

With the DoHo Flasher you can

  • Perform chiptuning safely and yourself!
  • Increase the performance of your vehicle!
  • Reduce fuel consumption and save money!


What does the DoHo Flasher do

The DoHo Flasher is a tool that allows for the adjustment of a vehicle’s control software to improve performance and fuel efficiency. The Flasher is connected to the vehicle through an OBD plug and controlled via user-friendly software. The result is efficient tuning without the need for complex intermediate steps found in other conventional tuning methods.

If you wish to perform tuning, simply order the Flasher from our shop on our website. The Flasher comes with a suitable OBD cable for your vehicle and includes the necessary software.

Once you have everything, all you need to do is read your vehicle and send us the file through our support system. The file will be revised and sent back to you. You can then upload the new file to the ECU and enjoy your enhanced driving experience.

If you ever need your original file again, it is stored on your DoHo Flasher.

The DoHo Flasher is the ultimate chip tuning tool that allows you to easily and safely tune your vehicle yourself. Unlock the full potential of your vehicle and save money at the same time!

With the DoHo Flasher you benefit from:

  • DIY Performance Tuning: Perform it safely and on your own without expensive workshop visits!
  • Performance Enhancement: Get the best out of your vehicle and enjoy more power!
  • Fuel Savings: Reduce consumption and save money with every kilometer!


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