Doho Performance Partner.
Accelerate your success in the chip tuning area.

The Doho Performance Partnership is more than just chiptuning. It's a promise of quality, efficiency, and support. You will benefit from our German technical support, always ready to assist you with questions or challenges. Our in-house development provides individually tailored chiptuning files that we can make available to you in just a few minutes.
With us, you get not just first-class software, but also the corresponding hardware - all from a single source. Trust our expertise and take the next step in the world of chiptuning with the Doho Performance Partnership.

For any open questions regarding the Performance Partnership, such as questions about hardware, tuning possibilities, or costs, please feel free to contact us:

Boost Your Chiptuning Business in 3 Steps:

Hardware selection, portal registration, and effective tuning.



Your entry into the world of chiptuning - Starter packs with Dimsport New Genius OBD console.

Start chiptuning right away with our starter packs that are perfectly tailored to your vehicle category. With the Dimsport New Genius OBD console, you offer your customers state-of-the-art hardware for reliable and powerful tuning results.
Choose your suitable starter set for your desired vehicle category in our shop

Existing Tuning Hardware - Optimize Your Existing Resources.

Already own tuning hardware or are you interested in tuning files? We are your ideal partner. Use our extensive knowledge and high-quality resources to optimally use your existing skills and devices.
Just contact us and together we will find the best solution to successfully expand your business.



Our intuitive Portal - Your digital tuning workshop.

Register in our user-friendly portal and benefit from our extensive vehicle database, German support, and test bench-verified optimizations.
Submit your tuning files and offer your customers customized solutions from our database. With over 30,000 different vehicle types and 80,000 specific solutions, we offer rare and also exclusive vehicle optimizations.
Increase your efficiency and customer satisfaction with our intuitive portal.



The Tuning - Unlock the full potential of your vehicles.

With our test bench-verified optimizations, you provide your customers with first-class chiptuning solutions. Achieve new performance levels, from Stage 1 modifications to more extensive interventions. Whether performance increase, improved fuel efficiency, DPF deactivations, or EGR shut-offs, always provide customized and high-quality results.
Increase customer satisfaction and successfully expand your business with the precision and superiority of our chiptuning solutions.

3 Steps

DoHo Performance Partner:


Choose Hardware

Targeted starter packs specifically for your vehicle category.


Portal Registration

Access to an extensive database and expert support.


Perform Tuning

Test bench-verified optimizations for top results.

For any open questions regarding the Performance Partnership, such as questions about hardware, tuning possibilities, or costs, please feel free to contact us:


Experience & Competence.
For more than 25 years.

For over 25 years, our team has been successfully developing engine optimizations for vehicles from various industries. As a German company, quality, reliability, and customized solutions for our customers are at the forefront. We offer private individuals the Doho Flasher for a simple and secure vehicle optimization while offering dealers the opportunity to become Performance Partners to expand their business.
Trust our experience and expertise in the chiptuning area. Discover the benefits of TF24 and Doho for both dealers and private customers alike.


  • What does the Doho Performance Partnership offer dealers?

    The Doho Performance Partnership provides dealers with access to high-quality chip tuning solutions, including powerful hardware (, individually tailored software, and German-speaking technical support. Our portal ( gives you access to an extensive database of tested optimizations, including numerous brands and models that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • How can I join the Doho Performance Partnership as a dealer?

    To become part of the Doho Performance Partnership, simply follow our three easy steps: choose your hardware (, register on our dealer portal ( and start tuning. Our user-friendly platform and helpful support team will guide you every step of the way.

  • What modification options does the Doho Performance Partnership offer?

    We offer a variety of modification options, including Stage 1 and Stage 2 performance enhancements, efficiency optimizations, as well as deactivations and adjustments of various vehicle systems. With access to our extensive database portal, you have the opportunity to find the optimal solution for each customer’s vehicle. Find out everything about the Performance Partnership here 

  • Is the Doho Performance Partnership suitable for all types of vehicles?

    Yes, our dealer portal provides solutions for a wide range of vehicle brands and models, including those that are often hard to find. Our database includes around 30,000 vehicle types and 80,000 solutions, allowing you to cater to almost any customer vehicle.

  • How quickly can I start tuning after registration?

    Once you have registered on our dealer portal and received your chosen hardware (, you can start tuning immediately. Our user-friendly platform and helpful support ensure that you can get started quickly and effectively.