Optimization of Takeuchi TB295W: Stage1 DEF DPF EGR Off for better performance.

In the world of heavy machinery and construction equipment, efficiency and power are critical factors that can make a significant difference on the jobsite. Recently, a customer of one of our trusted dealers was looking for more power and efficiency for their construction machine, a Takeuchi TB295W. We are pleased to have optimized the excavator to meet the requirements.

More power

Adapted optimization and fine-tuning of a wide range of parameters means that the 3.6l Deutz engine can now work harder and more efficiently than ever before.

Reduced fuel consumption

Efficiency goes hand in hand with reduced fuel consumption. By fine-tuning engine settings and optimization, the Takeuchi can achieve significant fuel savings. This not only benefits the environment by reducing emissions, but also means more time on the job site as the machine requires fewer fuel stops.

Extended service life

An optimized machine is not only more powerful and efficient, but also shows fewer signs of wear. This means a longer life for the Takeuchi excavator. By reducing the load on the engine and other key components, the Takeuchi TB295W can be expected to perform very well on jobsites for years to come.

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