PONSSE BUFFALO more powerful in action

Even the strongest and most robust machines need an upgrade from time to time to increase their performance. That’s exactly what we did with the Ponsse backhoe, and the results are impressive!

The Ponsse backhoe is already equipped with a powerful Mercedes engine that puts a proud 286HP on the road and offers a tractive force of 185KN. This alone makes it an impressive working aid in the forest. We have tried to get the maximum out of the machine.

After optimization, the Ponsse backhoe can do even harder work in the forest. Whether steep slopes, dense undergrowth or heavy logs – this machine masters every challenge effortlessly. The engine now has a power increase of about 20% and by deactivating AdBlue, the owner not only saves money on repair expenses but also valuable time that the machine can perform its work longer in the forest.

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*The information on chip tuning is for informational purposes only. Please note that depending on the country, chip tuning may be subject to legal restrictions and may result in the loss of warranty or type approval.

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