At a time when environmental protection and sustainability are becoming increasingly important, it is more important than ever to seek environmentally friendly solutions in all areas of life. Low-emission and resource-saving vehicles are also more in demand than ever in the transport and logistics sectors. This is where ECO-OPTIMIZATION comes into play!

The ECO-OPTIMIZATION for the MAN TGS 440 with MD1CE100 ECU offers a win-win solution for entrepreneurs and the environment alike. This adaptation allows not only to improve fuel efficiency, but also to reduce environmental impact. This not only reduces operating costs, but also minimizes CO2 emissions.

The optimization of the MAN TGS 440 makes it possible to travel in a more environmentally friendly way without compromising on performance. The vehicle maintains its impressive performance while offering the benefit of reduced environmental impact.

Driving experience redefined

ECO-OPTIMIZATION not only means improving environmental friendliness, but also enhancing the driving experience. The optimized performance of the MAN TGS 440 ensures smooth and efficient driving, which not only increases driving comfort but also makes the drivers’ work easier.


Interested in ECO-OPTIMIZATION? Visit our chip tuning database at Boost Your Chip Tuning Efficiency with Our Dealer Portal | TF24 – US Tuningfile24 to get more information and start an optimization. Our goal is to provide environmentally friendly transportation solutions that simultaneously improve performance.

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