Eco optimization on Mac Don M155

In agriculture, efficiency is crucial. The machines not only have to be powerful, they also have to be environmentally friendly and economical. This is exactly where our eco-optimization for the Mac Don M155 comes in!

A powerful machine gets even better

The 4.5 liter Cummins engine with 155 horsepower in the Mac Don M155 is undoubtedly a powerhouse. But thanks to our optimization, it now not only runs more efficiently, but also more environmentally friendly. We have adapted the engine to provide more power while consuming less fuel. The result is a machine that not only works more efficiently for the farmer, but also results in significant cost savings.

More environmentally friendly and cost-effective

With our eco-optimization for the Mac Don M155, you benefit from a machine that is not only powerful but also more environmentally friendly. Less fuel consumption also means fewer CO2 emissions, resulting in reduced environmental impact. This means agricultural businesses can not only reduce their operating costs, but also reduce their ecological footprint – a win-win situation for farmers and the environment.

Thanks to our loyal partners

A big thank you goes out to one of our loyal dealers who installed this update for one of their customers. We value collaboration with our partners who help make agriculture more sustainable and efficient.

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