Powerful and efficient: The Bell B35D after the upgrade

The Bell B35D has received an impressive upgrade! With a map optimization to STAGE 1 and a DEF/AdBlue optimization, the TEMIC ECU has been optimized to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.

Mercedes OM 501LA Motor

Powered by a 295 kW OM501 LA Mercedes engine, the BELL now runs more powerfully than ever before. Thanks to the optimization, AdBlue worries are a thing of the past, so you can concentrate on the essentials: Your work on the construction site.

Stage 1 Optimierung

With STAGE 1 optimization, the engine management is optimized by adjusting the engine maps. This means that performance and efficiency are increased without making any mechanical changes to the engine. As a result, the engine can call up more power and reduce fuel consumption at the same time.

DEF/AdBlue optimization

The AdBlue injection is optimized through precise reading and adjustment of the ECU. The result is a reliable reduction in nitrogen oxides without error messages or a drop in performance.

Advantages at a glance

More power: The optimized engine delivers more power, ideal for demanding construction sites.

Efficiency: Lower consumption and higher efficiency thanks to the intelligent control system.

No AdBlue stress: The DEF/AdBlue optimization ensures less maintenance and operating costs.

With these improvements, the Bell B35D is not only a workhorse, but also a reliable partner on any construction site.


With chiptuning, the Bell B35D benefits from increased performance, less maintenance and cost-effective operation. The TEMIC control unit was upgraded with a map optimization to STAGE 1 and a DEF/AdBlue optimization. 🚀 With the 295 kW OM501 LA Mercedes engine, the BELL now runs more efficiently and powerfully than ever before!


If YOU would like to find out more about the performance and possibilities of chip tuning, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions about chiptuning and softwareoptimization.



*The information on chip tuning is for information purposes only. Please note that chip tuning may be subject to legal restrictions depending on the country and may result in the loss of warranty or operating license.

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