ECO Tuning for the Setra S517HD

Setra has stood for quality and reliability in bus transport for decades. The Setra S517HD continues this legacy, and now there is an exciting development that further improves the driving experience and operating costs: ECO Tuning.

How does the ECO Tuning work

ECO Tuning is a method of optimizing the engine and other systems to increase performance while reducing fuel consumption. In the case of the Setra S517HD, we worked specifically on the ECU of the Mercedes Benz engine to achieve these improvements.

Our dealer was able to successfully transfer the new tuning file to the ECU of his customer’s Setra S517HD. This process is safe, so no mechanical changes to the vehicle are required.

he advantages of ECO Tuning for the Setra S517HD

  1. Increased efficiency: ECO Tuning optimizes the Setra S517HD’s engine, resulting in improved fuel efficiency. This means that bus operators can spend less money on fuel and reduce their operating costs.
  2. More environmentally friendly: a more efficient engine also means lower CO2 emissions. With ECO Tuning, bus operators contribute to protecting the environment and reducing their environmental footprint.
  3. Improved driving experience: ECO Tuning not only ensures better efficiency, but also optimized vehicle performance. This leads to a more pleasant driving experience and increases the reliability of the bus


ECO Tuning for the Setra S517HD is a significant step towards efficiency, environmental friendliness and cost reduction for bus operators throughout Europe. By optimizing the engine and reducing fuel consumption, operating costs can be lowered and the environmental impact minimized.

*The information on chip tuning is for informational purposes only. Please note that depending on the country, chip tuning may be subject to legal restrictions and may result in the loss of warranty or type approval.

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