Vermeer RTX 1250i2: Stage 1 DEF and EGR delete

When it comes to demanding ground work, the Vermeer RTX 1250i2 is the first choice for professionals in agriculture and construction. With Stage 1 Optimization and key modifications like DEF Delete and EGR/AGR-Off, this machine is ready to tackle the challenges of any terrain even better.

Stage 1: More power, less consumption

The Stage 1 modification on the Vermeer RTX 1250i2 is a gamechanger for those looking for more power and efficiency. This modification takes the already impressive 3.6L Deutz engine to a whole new level. The optimization has resulted in a power increase of approximately 20hp, which means the RTX 1250i2 has even more power to tackle tough ground conditions.

But that’s not all. This increase in power goes hand-in-hand with a reduction in fuel consumption. Thanks to advanced technology and precise engine management, the Vermeer RTX 1250i2 can now get more done without burning tons of fuel. That means the engine not only gets more power, but also more efficiency.

DEF Delete: Less Maintenance, More Productivity

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), while important to reduce exhaust emissions, can also add maintenance and cost. With the one DEF Delete, you can leave those worries behind. This means less time spent monitoring and refilling DEF, and more time spent being productive on the jobsite or in the field.

EGR Off: Better engine performance

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is a system designed to reduce emissions, but often at the expense of engine performance. Turning off this system allows the Vermeer RTX 1250i2 to deliver its full power without compromising efficiency. That means you can get the best possible performance out of the engine, which can be critical in tough ground conditions.


The Vermeer RTX 1250i2 is undoubtedly a power machine made for demanding ground conditions with its Stage 1 modifications, DEF Delete and EGR Off function. With an increase of about 20 horsepower and lower fuel consumption, it offers the power and efficiency professionals need. Plus, the modifications ensure you spend less time on maintenance and more time being productive on the jobsite or in the field.

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