Claas Jaguar 930 optimization

The Claas 930 Jaguar is already a powerful forage harvester renowned in the agriculture industry for its impressive performance. With a power optimization that provides an additional 70 horsepower and a 15% improvement, the Claas 930 Jaguar becomes a true powerhouse in the field.

Impressive fuel efficiency

In addition to the increased power, the performance optimization also brings benefits in terms of fuel efficiency. By finely tuning the engine settings, fuel consumption is optimized, leading to reduced operating costs. Despite the additional power, the Claas 930 Jaguar remains efficient and economical in fuel consumption thanks to the performance optimization.


The long-term benefits of this performance optimization are also noteworthy. The increased efficiency allows field work to be carried out more efficiently while saving costs. Moreover, the overall performance of a farm and agricultural goals can be achieved even more effectively.


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